Embed Analytic Report

Embed Analytic Report is another available embed tools where you can embed our analytic report into your platform. This allow your user to view analytic report data within your platform. To use our embed analytic report, you will need to embed our code snippet inside your platform. No coding work is necessary. Technical Specification Code Snippet: <div id=”rma-embedded-report” style=”height:700px;”></div> <script src=”http://www.mobileads.com/mad/embed-report?access_token=&embedded=1&type=0″ type=”text/javascript”></script> […]

Upgrading to Paid Plan

When you first sign up for an account, you are using our FREE subscription plan where it gives you access to explore our dashboard, ad creator as well as our analytic report. You may also create an ad and share the preview with anyone by giving them the preview link generated. However, to run your […]

Ad Tag Generation

Ad Tag is a script that is used to serve out the Ad created using our Ad Creator. Using our Ad Tag generator, you can easily create Ad Tag that is already compatible with many of our supported DSPs/Ad Exchanges/Ad Networks. Below is a simple anatomy of our Ad Tag Generator. Part 1: Generated Ad Tag […]

How To Use Our Ad Tag In Sitescout

Update: Sitescout  no longer support third party ad tag and therefore, newly sign up user will need to apply to use third-party ad tag. Learn how to apply here. Once you’ve received the approval notice from Sitescout you may start using our Ad Tag following the steps below. Step 1: Login to your account in MobileAds […]

Step-By-Step: Click-to-Call

1. Click Click-to-Call from Component Selection   2. Type on the Name this tab and click Upload Image button   3. On Gallery, click Upload a File and select an image to upload. After successful upload, click the uploaded image and click Add Selected File. 4. Enter the Link to Webpage url. 5. Enter the caption for click-to-call button. 6. Enter phone number 7. Click Set Font […]

How To Prepare Your Own Branded White Label

To prepare your own branded white label, follow the steps below. Create a new subdomain (i.e builder.yourdomain.com) and then CNAME it to whitelabel.richmediaads.com Send the following to your account manager or to [email protected]:- Your account login email address Your logo (max image height of 33 pixels) The subdomain that you’ve just created Upon receiving the logo and subdomain, […]

How To Use Our Ad Tag in Pocketmath

Step 1: Login to your account in MobileAds  and generate your PocketMath compatible Ad Tag (Refer to image below). Learn how to generate Ad Tag here. Step 2: Next, login to your account in PocketMath. Step 3: From the Dashboard, select Creatives and then create a new creative by clicking on the New Creative button. Step 4: […]