Step-By-Step: Hosted Video

Step 1: Choose Hosted Video in the component selection. Step 2: Enter Name this Tab Caption. Click on Choose File. Step 3: Select the MP4 file and click Open.  Then, the video will be uploading. Step 4.1: Select either No Autoplay, Inview Autoplay or Autoplay. Step 4.2: Select Optimized or Special from Controller Type. Step 5.1: Click Upload an Image in Upload Cover Image. Step 5.2: On Gallery, click Upload […]

Step-By-Step: Video Component

Step 1: Choose Video Component in the component selection. Step 2: Go to your Youtube video and copy the URL of the video. Step 3:  Enter the Name for the video tab and paste the URL of your Youtube video. Step 4: Finally, when the thumbnail of the video appeared, click the Save Changes button to save the changes.