Upgrading to Paid Plan

When you first sign up for an account, you are using our FREE subscription plan where it gives you access to explore our dashboard, ad creator as well as our analytic report. You may also create an ad and share the preview with anyone by giving them the preview link generated. However, to run your […]

Ad Tag Generation

Ad Tag is a script that is used to serve out the Ad created using our Ad Creator. Using our Ad Tag generator, you can easily create Ad Tag that is already compatible with many of our supported DSPs/Ad Exchanges/Ad Networks. Below is a simple anatomy of our Ad Tag Generator. Part 1: Generated Ad Tag […]

Step-By-Step on how to create a cool ad

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to create a simple Rich Media Ad using our Ad Creator. Step 1: Click Ad Creator menu located at the top of the page. You’ll then be taken to the Ad Format & Template Selection page Step 2: Next, select the Mobile Web tab, Embedded as the ad format and 300×250 […]

Third Party External Tracker

Sometimes you may want to use an external tracker to also track certain metrics in our ad tag. Our ad tag support external trackers to track a few of the standard metrics. Let’s explore some of these trackers below. 5 Types of External Tracker Impression Tracker A tracker that triggers as soon as the ad is loaded This tracker triggers in the […]

Analytic Glossary

Introduction There are 2 types of analytic provided:- Overview Summary Detailed Engagement Overview Summary Overview summary contains summarized analytic data such as the following:- Fallback Impression (F. Imps.) Total number of times the fallback creative was served out Fallback Impression is a static image that is served when the Ad is loaded into legacy browsers […]