Setting Up Your Custom Support Email

Setting up your own custom support email will allow your client to receive emails from the platform via your support email address instead of ours.

This is especially important when giving Reporting Dashboard and Ad Creator access to your client as the platform will send their login details via email.

Here are the steps to prepare your custom support email:-

  1. Choose a subdomain that will be used for your email (i.e or etc)
  2. Contact your account manager or our support team, inform them of the subdomain of your choice as well as the email address you would like to use (i.e [email protected])
  3. They will then prepare and give you your DNS setting details. You will get 3 host names and 3 values as below:-
    1. Host:, Value:
    2. Host:, Value:
    3. Host :, Value :
  4. Once you get the DNS details, go to the DNS setting for your domain and create new CNAME record for each of the host names above (do note that every domain will have it’s own unique details and you should not use the sample provided above)
  5. Once done, inform us and we will help to verify your  set up

Once we verified that everything is set up properly, your custom domain set up will be done.

If you require any assistance in setting up, feel free to contact your account manager or send an email to our support team at [email protected].