How to let your user create their own ad units?

Step 1: Select Manage Advertiser from the menu on the Dashboard.   Step 2A: In the Advertiser list, click on the Toggle Button to toggle the access  from  No to Yes.     Step 2B: Alternatively, you can give access to multiple Advertisers in bulk by selecting the checkboxes of the Advertiser(s) that you want to give access to. A selection box will appear where […]

Third Party External Tracker

Sometimes you may want to use an external tracker to also track certain metrics in our ad tag. Our ad tag support external trackers to track a few of the standard metrics. Let’s explore some of these trackers below. 5 Types of External Tracker Impression Tracker A tracker that triggers as soon as the ad is loaded This tracker triggers in the […]

Embed Ad Creator

Embed Ad Creator is one of our embed tools where you can embed our ad creator into your platform. This allow your user to create a rich media ad using our tool without leaving your platform. To use our embed ad creator, you will need to embed our code snippet inside your platform and do some […]

New Sub-Account Creation

When using our embed tools such as the ad creator and report, there is a need to determine who is the sub account that is using these tools. This is because each sub account should only have access to their own data and not data from other sub-accounts. Before allowing any of your user to […]

Ad Tag Retrieval

This API allow you to retrieve the ad tag for any ad that is created by your users. Although we do have the callback support in our embed ad creator where we will pass the generated ad tag back to your platform, this API provides another way for your platform to retrieve the ad tag without having […]

API Introduction

MobileAds API is prepared as a way for our partner to embed some of our tools into their own platform as well as basic data retrieval and manipulation. There are a few key things to note when using our API such as below:- To access the API, you will need to get your access token from […]

To Delete Cookies of our website from Firefox

1. From the Firefox button or the Tools menu return to Options – Privacy panel. 2. Select Firefox will: Use custom settings for history. 3. Click the Show Cookies button.   4. Use the search box to enter the name of the website or drill down the folder lists to locate the website whose cookies you want to delete. 5. Select […]