New Sub-Account Creation

When using our embed tools such as the ad creator and report, there is a need to determine who is the sub account that is using these tools. This is because each sub account should only have access to their own data and not data from other sub-accounts.

Before allowing any of your user to use our embed tools, you will first create a sub-account for them using this API. When a sub- account is successfully created, you will receive a unique sub-account id as well as their sub-account access token. This access token needs to be passed in when calling to our embed tools to determine who is using the tools.

Technical Specification



Required Parameters:

  • access_token: the partner access token that you get from us
  • name: the name of the sub-account
  • email: the email address if your sub-account (this is the unique identifier of each sub-account)

Response Format

Successful call response

“userId”:xx,  //unique sub-account id
“accessToken”:”xxxx” //unique sub-account access token

Failed call response

“message”:”error message”

Additional Details

Upon successful sub-account creation, do store the returned user id and sub-account access token in your own database and associate with your own user’s details.