Embed Analytic Report

Embed Analytic Report is another available embed tools where you can embed our analytic report into your platform. This allow your user to view analytic report data within your platform.

To use our embed analytic report, you will need to embed our code snippet inside your platform. No coding work is necessary.

Technical Specification

Code Snippet:

<div id=”rma-embedded-report” style=”height:700px;”></div>
<script src=”http://www.mobileads.com/mad/embed-report?access_token=&embedded=1&type=0″ type=”text/javascript”></script>

Required Parameters:

  • access_token: sub-account access token is needed to let us determine which sub-account is accessing the report. This will ensure the correct data is shown to the correct sub-account

Optional Parameters:

  • adLbl: specify a replacement label for the ad combobox selection. By default, the label will be called Ad. If your platform prefer to call an ad with a different name (i.e creative), pass in this parameter and specify the label you would like to use.