Step-By-Step: Click-to-Call

1. Click Click-to-Call from Component Selection   2. Type on the Name this tab and click Upload Image button   3. On Gallery, click Upload a File and select an image to upload. After successful upload, click the uploaded image and click Add Selected File. 4. Enter the Link to Webpage url. 5. Enter the caption for click-to-call button. 6. Enter phone number 7. Click Set Font […]

Step-By-Step: Image Comparison Component

Step 1: Choose Image Comparison from the component selection. Step 2.1: From Image Comparison Edit Panel, type the Name this Tab caption. Check Enable Tooltip if you want to see the Tooltip. Step 2.2: Type  the Tooltip Text, select Tooltip Direction, Color and Font. Step 3: Hit Upload Image (Before Compare). Step 4: Click Upload a File button, select the image you want […]

Step-By-Step: eCommerce Component

Step 1: Select eCommerce component from component selection.   Step 2: Type the tab name and Type your Product Feed Url Step 3.1: Click Show Product Description and click Show Header Image. Click Upload Image from Add your Company Logo. Step 3.2: Click Upload a File button and select your company logo. Click the Uploaded Image and click Add Selected File button. Step 4:  Click Show Button and […]

Step-By-Step: Youtube Component

Step 1: Click Youtube from Component selection Step 2: Go to your Youtube video and copy the URL of the video. Step 3: Type the Name your Tab and paste the url of your youtube in Insert your Youtube Video Url Step 4: Click Social Sharing Step 5.1: Click Upload Image button for Youtube Ending Image. Step 5.2: Click the Uploaded a File. After upload, click the uploaded […]

Step-By-Step: Image Component

Step 1: Select Image Component Step 2.1: Type the name of the tab, Click Upload Image Step 2.2: You can upload a maximum of 6 images to appear in the template.  Click Upload File, select an image that you want to upload. After upload click that image and click Add Selected File button. Repeat steps 2.1-2.3 to be able to upload more images Step 3.1: For […]

Step-By-Step: Free Text Component

Step 1: Choose a template and choose Free Text Component Step 2: Enter the tab name, Compose a free text. Step 3.1: Click Upload Image Step 3.2: From Gallery, click Upload a File, select an image to upload. When upload is finished, the uploaded image will appear in Gallery. Click the uploaded image and click Add Selected File.   Step 3.3: Click the uploaded […]

Step-By-Step: Retail Catalogue Component

Step 1:  Choose Retail Catalogue from Component Selection Step 2: On Retail Catalogue Edit Panel, enter the Name this Tab, click Upload Image on Catalogue Background Image. Step 3.1: Click Upload a File button from Gallery. Select an image not greater than 50kb.Click the uploaded image and click Add Selected File button.   Step 3.2: Hit the Include Catalogue Button and type the Catalogue button text. Step 3.2: Set the color and styles […]