Step-By-Step: Coupon Component

Step 1: Choose Coupon Component in the component selection. Step 2: From Edit Panel, type the tab name and Click the Upload Images  Step 3.1: On Gallery, select the image that you want to upload. Click the uploaded image and click on Add Selected File button.   Step 3.2:  Click on the Click to Edit button to crop your image. Drag the box to the area of the image […]

Step-By-Step: Lead Capture Form Component

Step 1: Click Lead Capture Form Component in the component selection. Step 2.1: Click on Add New Field to add in a new component of data you wish to collect.   Step 2.2: After clicking on Add New Field, a pop-up box allows you to set the Field type, Label your field, Insert Placeholder Text and Make the field as required field. Click Done button   […]

Step-By-Step: Google Map Component

Step 1: Choose Google Map Component in the component selection. Step 2.1: Enter the Address of your location. The location will be shown in the map. Step 2.2: Click on the Confirm Address button to save your changes.  The address will be added to the Address List.   Add in more than one address into the list. Or, remove any of the […]

Step-By-Step: RSS Feed Component

Step 1: Select RSS Feed Component in the component selection. Step 2.1: Look for the RSS Icon in your website. Step 2.2: Right click on the RSS icon and select Copy Link Address, Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut in the menu depending on what browser you are using. Step 3.1: Paste the link address into the Insert your RSS Feed Url. Step 3.2: Enter the Feed Limit  to specify how many post/feed […]

Step-By-Step: Hosted Video

Step 1: Choose Hosted Video in the component selection. Step 2: Enter Name this Tab Caption. Click on Choose File. Step 3: Select the MP4 file and click Open.  Then, the video will be uploading. Step 4.1: Select either No Autoplay, Inview Autoplay or Autoplay. Step 4.2: Select Optimized or Special from Controller Type. Step 5.1: Click Upload an Image in Upload Cover Image. Step 5.2: On Gallery, click Upload […]

Step-By-Step: Facebook Component (Facebook Event)

Step 1: Choose Facebook Component in the component selection. Step 2: Enter the tab name, Select  Facebook Event option. Step 3: Go to your Facebook Event Page and copy the URL of the page. Step 4.1: Paste the URL into the Facebook Event URL. Step 4.2: Select whether to show the Join and/or Share button. Step 5.1: You may also customize the Background Color, Font Color or Font Size of the component to match your overall design. Step 5.2: Finally, click on the Save […]