Embed Ad Creator

Embed Ad Creator is one of our embed tools where you can embed our ad creator into your platform. This allow your user to create a rich media ad using our tool without leaving your platform.

To use our embed ad creator, you will need to embed our code snippet inside your platform and do some minimal coding works to integrate and communicate with it.

Technical Specification

Code Snippet:

<script src=”http://www.mobileads.com/mad/rma-studio?access_token=&campaignSupport=1&embedded=1&callbackType=GET&callbackURL=about:blank” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Required Parameters:

  • access_token: sub-account access token is needed to let us determine which sub-account is creating the ad
  • callbackURL: the url that will be called after an ad is successfully created in the ad creator
    • This is an implementation in your server to receive a callback from the ad creator where it will pass in the ad tag along with other information specific to the ad
    • Your server will need to capture and save these information into your own database
    • The callback will need to handle the redirect as well (i.e after the ad is saved, where should the user be redirected to)
  • callbackType: the type of callback your server support (i.e GET or POST)

Optional Parameters:

  • adSize: specify the default ad size that you want to display (your user will not be able to change to different ad size). i.e 300×250
  • p: specify the platform of the ad created (MA is for MRAID, MW is mobile web and DK is for desktop. if you specify MA, the ad created will be MRAID compliant)
  • af: specify the ad format of the created ad (EMD is static ad size, EXP is expandable and IST is interstitial)
  • studioId: this is the unique id to identify an ad created using our ad creator
    • This is also one of the ad details we will send back to you during callback
    • Store this id and pass it back as a parameter to allow your user to edit the ad again
    • Adding the studioId parameter will trigger the edit mode of our embed ad creator

Callback URL Specification

As mentioned, this is an implementation in your server where you developer need to prepare a call for our ad creator to call and pass in information of the created ad. You can specify the callback type (GET or POST) using the callbackType parameter.

When adding in your callback url into our code snippet, ensure that the callback url is in encoded format.

Sample non-encoded format (this is incorrect version): http://yourdomain.com/callback?xxx

Sample encoded format (this is the correct version): http%3A%2F%2Fyourdomain.com%2Fcallback%3Fxxx

When calling to your callback url, these are the information that we will be sending to you:

  • studioId: this is the unique id in our platform to identify the created ad
  • adName: this is the name your user entered in our ad creator
    • This will allow your platform to show the same name that was entered in our ad creator
  • adTag: this is the resulting ad tag which will be used to traffic the created ad