Ad Tag Retrieval

This API allow you to retrieve the ad tag for any ad that is created by your users. Although we do have the callback support in our embed ad creator where we will pass the generated ad tag back to your platform, this API provides another way for your platform to retrieve the ad tag without having to prepare a callback when using the embed ad creator.

Technical Specification



Required Parameters:

  • access_token: the partner access token that you get from us
  • studioId: unique id to identify an ad created using our ad creator
    • This is the unique id that you receive from our embed ad creator callback
    • This will retrieve only ONE ad tag with the specified studioId

Response Format

Successful call response

“status”: true,
“message”: “”,
“result”: {
“width”: 300, //width of the ad
“height”: 250, //height of the ad
“adFormat”: “EXP”, //ad format of the ad (EXP-Expandable, IST-Interstitial, EMD-Static ad size like mrect)
“script”: “” //ad tag of the ad

Failed call response