How to let your user create their own ad units?

Step 1: Select Manage Advertiser from the menu on the Dashboard.



Step 2A: In the Advertiser list, click on the Toggle Button to toggle the access  from  No to Yes.




Step 2B: Alternatively, you can give access to multiple Advertisers in bulk by selecting the checkboxes of the Advertiser(s) that you want to give access to. A selection box will appear where you can select Yes orNo.



Step 3: After selecting Yes either using Toggle Button (Step 2A) or Checkboxes (Step 2B), a pop up message will appear informing you that the access has been granted and you may send the Ad Creator Link to your Advertiser(s).




Step 4: You may now start sending the Ad Creator Link to your Advertiser by clicking the Send Ad Creator Link below the Toggle Button.



Step 5: Finally, a pop up message will appear informing you that the email containing the Ad Creator Link has been sent to your Advertiser’s email.