How To Use Our Ad Tag in HasOffers

MobileAds users can now integrate ad tag with HasOffers to publish ads. The tutorial below will guide you through necessary steps for uploading MobileAds ad tag to HasOffers.

Step 1: Login to your account in MobileAds  and generate your HasOffers compatible Ad Tag (Refer to image below).

Step 2: Log in to your HasOffers account.

Step 2.1: Log in to your HasOffers account, navigate to Creative Files page.
1 Creative File

Step 2.2: Click ADD CREATIVES link at top right of the table.
2 Add Creatives

Step 3: Assign your offer to current creative files, then select ‘HTML Ad’ as Type.
3 Assign Offer
To learn how to create an offer, please visit HasOffers Creating Your First Offer.

Step 4: Insert Name and Dimension of the ad you have created earlier with MobileAds.
(For expandable ads, insert size of banner.)

Step 5: Paste MobileAds ad tag into “Required Code” text field.

Step 6: Modify ad tag to add tracking link. Append tag parameter “ct” and {etracking_link} macro at the end of MobileAds ad tag with “&” symbol. Use of {etracking_link} will generate encoded tracking link.
4 Add Macro
To see examples of macro integration, please visit HasOffers Ad Networks MobileAds chapter .

Step 7: Click Add to complete the integration.
*For more information about creative files, please visit HasOffers Creative Files Overview.

If you encounter any issue while using our Ad Tag in HasOffers, please contact your account manager or send us a message at [email protected].